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To be better everyday

Our History

Established in 2008 we were nothing more than a creative collective that did things a little different from the rest. Hybrid Color Eventually evolved into a Full-Service production company opening the doors in 2014. Over the last decade we have spent countless hours perfecting our craft.

We work as a team and are better for it. When you get unique people with unique perspectives all in the same room something magical happens. Our best work is created from understanding our objectives and communicating them at a high level.

our culture

We love what we do and strive to be better everyday personally and professionally. We work with clients and brands who take risks and communicate shared values. We thrive when the pressure is on. We are always on the lookout for talented fresh perspectives to join our team.

The Warehouse is a manifestation of what we think, love and dream about. A creative space that enables us to to entertain, experiment and create.

Hybrid Color

unique people & perspectives

Founder | Creative director

Kyle Aramburo

A boat captain with an eye for things not easily seen Kyle blends a unique set of skills which cause him to question everything. 

director | cinematographer

Traejen Scott

A background in photography and owner of a one of a kind Mitsubishi Evo Traejen blends speed and hockey sense to get the job done.

director | Motion Graphics

Sam Rice

Tallest member of the team, often closing with the statement, "100 percent". Sam is a swiss army knife that you always want on your camping trip.

Producer | Project Manager

Jesse McCarty

Resident Expert and Producer of many things Jesse believes it can be done. Baseball player turned professional K9 handler.

Producer | Drone Ops

Travis Smith

Backcountry expert who calculates risk with the precision of a neurosurgeon. Travis is often found in the mountains with a drone close behind.

Office Manager | Administration

Jenee Mailloux

An eye for interiors and an affinity for diy Jenee keeps everything in order. A self taught green thumb and game night juggernaut.

Financials | Intelligence

Alvin Aramburo

With a decorated military intelligence background Alvin provides guidance and direction. Coach turned Referee he makes calls on and off the field.

Potential Applicant


We're excited to meet you and witness your unique gifts. If you are interested opportunity knocks below.

Interested In Joining The Crew

Opportunity knocks

Seeking individuals to give their lives in creative takeover attempt. Must love what you do and take ownership of your strengths and weaknesses. Growth inevitable, costumes and tools provided. Everyone welcome.